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Observation is the single most important guide when choosing an early learning program for your child. Narrow your list to 3-5 providers. Visit each facility or home. Meet with the providers or center directors, and tour the facilities. Here is a...
  The appeals process for Qualistar Ratings involves two separate processes, the Technical Review Process and the Dispute Resolution Process. A program may choose to participate in either or both of these processes. The purpose of these processes is...


This site contains a list of state-funded program policies and guidance.


Topic: Evaluation & Research   Year: 2015
The RAND Evaluation of Delaware Stars has produced two reports to document the study analyses and findings:  Evaluating Delaware Stars for Early Success: Year One Report Jun 9, 2014 As a first step in a larger study of Delaware Stars, a...
Topic: Evaluation & Research   Year: 2016
Funded by Delaware’s RTT-ELC grant and prepared by the RAND Corporation, this third and final report on Delaware Stars for Early Success focuses primarily on questions related to its ratings validation. The report also provides new information...
Evaluation of Delaware Stars for Early Success: Year 2 Report by the RAND Corporation aims to determine whether Delaware Stars providers are advancing in the rating system and whether additional providers serving infants, toddlers, and preschool-age...


Topic: Evaluation & Research   Year: 2012
The evaluation team from the Florida Institute of Education at University of North Florida used several instruments to estimate improvement in the children’s early learning. The Bracken Basic Concept Scale―Third Edition: Receptive (BBCS-3:R),1 and the...
Topic: Evaluation & Research   Year: 2015
An analysis of efforts to prepare children whose family received financial assistance for school success through basic literacy and academic skills by Florida Institute of Education (FIE).  2014-2015 Full Report 102815 Board Presentation and Summary
Topic: Engagement & Outreach   Year: 2012
Helping parents choose, preparing children to learn.