Synthesis of IES Research on Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education

The report describes what has been learned from research grants on early intervention and early childhood education funded by the Institute's National Center for Education Research and National Center for Special Education Research, and published in peer-reviewed outlets through June 2010. This synthesis describes contributions to the knowledge base produced by IES-funded research across four focal areas:

  • Early childhood classroom environments and general instructional practices;
  • Educational practices designed to impact children's academic and social outcomes;
  • Measuring young children's skills and learning; and
  • Professional development for early educators.

Research supported by IES has made significant contributions to the evidence base in these areas. The authors also raise important questions for education research in the future, including:

  • What are the crucial features of high-quality early childhood education?
  • Which instruction is most effective for which children and under what circumstances?
  • How do we effectively and efficiently support teachers in improving their instruction?