QRIS in Statute and Regulations

The approach chosen by a State to implement its QRIS depends on several factors, including the needs of the State, the goals of the system, and the State’s political context. For example, States that embed a QRIS in statute may have a history of rooting other programs in statute. Also, operationalizing a QRIS within statute depends on the type of system the State has chosen to implement. In a rated license system, each rated license is a property right that needs a repeals process to revoke, so it will require statutory language. Finally, States may proceed by statute when their regulatory authorities are insufficient to authorize every QRIS aspect.


The following is information about a sample of QRIS in State statutes and regulations. Four of these States have established QRIS through legislative action:

Kentucky, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. Information about Colorado’s School Readiness Initiative is included, which is related to a QRIS. Also included is a list of additional States that have regulations that govern the administration of the QRIS.