Good, Better, Best; Pennsylvania's Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Guide to Best Practices

The "Good/Better/Best" document was developed from experience in managing the Keystone STARS program, analysis of current research, and insights/suggestions practitioners have shared. The "Good/Better/Best" document can assist practitioners in assessing program strengths as well as help identify next steps for improvement. Thoughtful assessment using a variety of sources of evidence can lead to the development of a meaningful continuous quality improvement (CQI) plan. This optional tool supports programs in meeting the targeted standards and understanding the more subtle continuum of quality contained within a standard. The tool allows programs not able to move up to a higher STAR level to consider making incremental improvements within a STAR level or standard. It also allows programs to identify areas where the minimum standard is exceeded and can be used to determine at what point in the spectrum a standard is being met. Understanding the quality continuum of a standard will enable programs to be more focused and specific in quality improvement efforts.