QRIS Cost Estimation Model (CEM)

The QRIS Cost Estimation Model (CEM), developed by the National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance, is designed to help administrators determine the costs of implementing all the elements of a QRIS for their state, as well as explore the financial implications of various phase-in and scale-up options.

The QRIS CEM takes into account the costs of each of the following elements:

  • Quality Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Financial Incentives
  • Communication for Public Awareness
  • Facility Improvements
  • System Evaluation
  • Data System

The CEM can be used to estimate the cost per year of phasing in a QRIS, the cost of certain elements, or the overall cost of a fully implemented QRIS. For more information about the CEM, contact QualityAssuranceCenter@ecetta.info.

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