Improving Teacher-Child Interactions at Scale: Lessons from Louisiana’s Use of CLASS

Bridget Hamre
Nasha Patel
Anna Markowitz
Tue, 01/07/2020 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Research consistently demonstrates that children’s daily interactions with teachers drive critical developmental and learning outcomes. Over the last decade, more states have included measures of teacher-child interactions in their QRIS and other improvement efforts. In this session of Let’s Talk, you will learn more about ways that Louisiana’s uniquely designed and implemented QRIS, which focuses on teacher-child interactions using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System, has supported significant improvements in children’s experiences across child care, Head Start, and state pre-K programs. Bridget Hamre, Teachstone’s chief impact officer and CLASS author, highlights recent research on the importance of teacher-child interactions in supporting children’s development and learning. Nasha Patel, chief of early childhood strategy at the Louisiana Department of Education, shares how Louisiana designed and evolved their QRIS over the last 5 years to support improvement. And Anna Markowitz, Louisiana’s research partner at the University of California Los Angeles, talks about their research on teacher and classroom characteristics linked to quality improvement.

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