Ending the Illiteracy Epidemic: Advancing Nationwide Equity through Reformed Language and Literacy Ecosystems

Comer Yates
Jennifer Wolford
Cori Cain
Melissa Cole
Tue, 10/15/2019 - 3:00pm - 4:30pm

The illiteracy epidemic has long-range implications for our nation. As science tells us, reading brains are constructed not born. That construction requires valuing deep connections over compliance, listening to children rather than silencing them, and building school ecosystems where educators are given agency and support to create environments most conducive to the brain construction of children. The Cox Campus, a free and universally accessible online learning platform and virtual community with the single goal of eradicating illiteracy, values these principles. Through research-based video courses designed for all adults who work with and on behalf of children, the Cox Campus provides immediately-applicable classroom and real-life practices designed to construct reading brains in children prenatally through age eight. Watch this edition of Let’s Talk to receive a tour of the courses, discussion forums, and resources of the Cox Campus. You’ll also hear from an ECL professional who implemented Cox Campus methods to achieve significant success on the ground.

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