BUILD's New QRIS 3.0 Resources

Harriet Dichter
Debi Mathias
Anne Mitchell
Kate Tarrant
Iheoma Iruka
Thu, 03/23/2017 - 3:00pm - 4:30pm

This March 23rd webinar addresses the latest innovations and strategies related to quality rating and improvement systems. The following new resources developed through BUILD's think tank, “Establishing an Ecosystem for High-Quality Early Learning,” are also discussed. 

  • Tool for a Cross-Sector QRIS - a how-to rubric for those developing or revising a comprehensive QRIS. 
  • Finance and QRIS - a look at what needs to be financed within the QRIS, along with current financing approaches, and current and future revenue options. 
  • Communications Strategies for Expanding Quality Rating Improvement Systemw (QRIS):  A Primer for Reaching Policy Audiences - a how-to guide for non-profit policy groups, public and private agencies, academic experts, think tanks, foundations, and civic and corporate leaders who are building strategies and messages to reach out to policymakers. (This resource is based in part on interviews with elected and appointed officials, as well as QRIS leaders and advocates, throughout the country.)
  • Toward Coherence: State Approaches to Integrating Pre-K in QRIS - examines how QRISs are connecting with pre-K programs, offering four different models that states are exploring.

Click here to access these resources and view this presentation’s slide deck and recording.