All Hands on Board for Quality: QRIS and Licensing

Nancy L. vonBargen
Wed, 04/24/2013 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm

The BUILD Initiative and the QRIS National Learning Network hosted the third webinar in our "Let's Talk" series, All Hands on Board for Quality: QRIS and Licensing:

States are taking many creative and innovative approaches to more closely aligning licensing and the QRIS work, and some states are working to leverage licensing in the QRIS monitoring function, especially at the beginning levels of the quality continuum. Licensing staff can also play a role in promoting a QRIS and supporting quality improvements. 

Speaker Biography:

Nancy vonBargen is a project director with the Office of Child Care's National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement. In serving 29 years with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Nancy began her career as a licensing specialist and retired as state child care administrator. During her tenure, a statewide quality rating system was implemented, the licensing program flourished and many innovative quality initiatives were launched. She then served two years as the first Executive Director of Smart Start Oklahoma before becoming a technical assistance specialist for the National Child Care Information Center. As part of NCCIC, she supported Region VI and other states on issues including licensing and QRIS. Nancy has a master’s degree in child development and served as president of her state’s two early childhood professional organizations.