Session 2: Selecting Measurement Tools

October 4, 2012 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. (eastern)

Efficiency in Monitoring:  Selecting appropriate measurement tools for teacher, classroom, and program assessment
• What is the purpose of the various assessment tools states are using these days?
• How much is too much?
• To what extent does use of these standard tools encourage providers (and TAs) to ‘teach to the test’ versus develop a culture of continuous quality improvement and reflective practice?
• How can use of these tools for self-assessment foster empowerment, ownership of progress?

Pre-Session Assignments

In order to be prepared for this session, please MEET WITH YOUR TEAM to complete the following assignments:

Required Homework:

Tools Used in Your QRIS: The intent of this homework assignment is to share information among states about which assessment tools (measures) are used in your QRIS and how they are used. The assignment is in the excel spreadsheet (click on the title above or cut/paste the link below).

The spreadsheet contains a series of questions.  Please convene your team to discuss and complete the homework assignment together.  Return your state’s completed homework excel file by Wednesday September 26 to Debi Mathias at  (If you have questions, contact Debi.)  We will be sharing the combined results of the information you submit as part of our discussion on October 4. 

Optional Reading:

1.      Please review the reference document by Child Trends called Quality in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings: A Compendium of Measures, Second Edition.  This document is a comprehensive collection of information on a large number of program quality measures.  Think of it as an encyclopedia of tools.  It may be a helpful resource for the homework assignment.

2. Please review the draft called Tools and Initiatives Supported in States for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) (click on document title or on link below). Email if there are other tools you think should be included in this document.

Webinar Recording Link:

Powerpoint Presentation: