Session 2: Mapping Your State’s TA System, Setting Goals and Tapping into New Resources (In-Person Meeting)

Participants will:

1.        Make connections with Learning Table state leaders and identify peer resources.

2.        Share the initial state TA map and gain ideas about deepening the technical assistance map across settings, sectors, and funding streams; consider access to and quality of TA and implications for programs, technical assistance providers, intermediaries and systems.

3.        Identify indicators of an effective, integrated, cross sector technical assistance system, through consideration of terminology, governance, finance and sustainability.

4.        Begin the self-assessment, Policy Advocacy Tool, and establish priorities for continuing the work with the State team.

5.        Learn how to use the Technical Assistance Planning Template and follow up with your state teams.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm until Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 2:30 pm
Resource Materials: 

Final TA Learning Table Work Plan Template.docx

Final State TA Mapping Grid.docx

NAEYC Policy Advocacy Tool.pdf

Fit and Feasibility Alignment with NAEYC Policy Tool.docx

Children's Institute Stage of Change Policy Brief.pdf

Early Childhood Education Professional Development, Training and Technical Assistance Glossary, NAEYC and NACCRRA, 2011:

Strategic Directions: Technical Assistance Professionals in State Early Childhood Professional Development Systems, NAEYC Public Policy Report:

Understanding Quality in Context: Child Care Centers, Communities, Markets, and Public Policy, Rohacek, Adams, Kisker, 2010: Understanding Quality in Context.pdf