Session 4: Streamlining QRIS Standards

December 13, 2012 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. (eastern)

Efficiency:  Streamlining QRIS standards based on your state’s knowledge and data-based  experience with Early Learning and Development providers
QRIS data systems that support online application, automatic import of data from other databases e.g., regulation, workforce registry, not only ease the application for providers, focus the work of Technical Assistance/Quality Improvement specialists and make rating decisions but can yield valuable information to streamline standards.

Speaker Biographies:

Kyle Snow, Ph.D.

Kyle Snow is currently Senior Scholar and Director of the Center for Applied Research at NAEYC. He provides scientific leadership for the organization and ensures that NAEYC positions and procedures are research-based. Before joining NAEYC in 2010, Dr. Snow was a Senior Research Psychologist at Research Triangle International (RTI), where he was the Principal Investigator for the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study - Birth Cohort. Prior to joining RTI in 2005, Dr. Snow was the Director of the NICHD Program in Early Learning and School Readiness. His areas of specialization include infant and child development, early childhood assessment, and factors affecting children's early care and education experiences and their transition to school, especially the experiences of dual-language learners. He has served on numerous Federal, State, and private advisory panels, and is a Research Connections Fellow.

Dawn Woods

Dawn Woods is the Quality Improvement Manager with the Oregon Child Care Division.  She has spent the last six years working for the Child Care Division on quality improvement efforts. Dawn has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Special Education. Dawn’s career in early childhood began has a teacher and director in a nationally accreditation program for 10 years. Additionally, Dawn has written curriculum and provided intensive training and coaching to both child care and Head Start professionals. 

Pre-Session Assignments

Please discuss the following questions with your team and be ready to share your responses on the webinar on the December 13th.

 1. When you consider your state’s initial QRIS standards or in the early stages of implementation, what types of considerations is your team discussing?

  • Ease of administration of the QRIS
  • Standards that provide administrative or research data (e.g., must enroll in the state Professional Development registry)
  • Ease of participation for early care and education programs in QRIS (e.g., Do the standards begin very low to entice enrollment? How rigorous is the highest level?)
  • Research base for the standards
  • Standards that address emerging issues (e.g., diversity, child assessment, reflective practice)
  • Alternate pathways for various provider types (under what circumstances for which types of providers)
  • Other

 2. What data or research did you use to guide your selection of QRIS standards and what type of data are you collecting to guide future revisions?

  • Information from participants in the QRIS (programs, providers, parents)
  • Data from your QRIS management system
  • State Research
  • National Research
  • Other

Webinar Recording:

Powerpoint Presentation: