Group A, Session 4: Understanding Existing Local, State, and Federal Policies and Regulations

Teams will expand their knowledge of policies, regulations, and quality initiatives affecting family child care to better understand the need for alignment and reciprocity. Teams will be provided with an overview of the Head Start Program Performance Standards and Caring for our Children Basics standards. Teams will be encouraged to conduct preliminary research on regulations, policies, and quality initiatives within their States and localities and will share in a dialogue with presenters and other teams.

September 13, 2-3:30 pm EST
Pre-Session Assignments: 
  • If you are not familiar with the National Program Standards Crosswalk Tool, Head Start Program Performance Standards, Caring for our Children, 3rd Edition and Caring for our Children Basics standards, you can review these via the links below.
  • Explore the various licensing requirements, quality standards, and policies and regulations that impact FCC providers in your state and locality.  
  • Discuss as a team where the greatest challenges lie for FCC providers when it comes to understanding and applying multiple sets of standards and regulations to their program. 
  • Does your team have innovative ideas about supporting FCC programs in navigating the various regulations, or educating policy makers and regulators on the unique characteristics of family child care – if so, please come prepared to share?

 Resource Links: