Group A, Session 5: In-Person Meeting, Seattle, WA

Group A, Face to Face Meeting

October 18-19, 2016

Through participation in advance work and face-to-face activities, teams will utilize their expanded knowledge, resources and understanding of principles, practices, and policy and systems change related to infants and toddlers, across the state, system, programmatic and child level, to move work prioritized for their state/territory.  In response to discussions and identified team focus areas, several themes have been established for the face to face meeting:

  1. Applying an equity lens to work on behalf of infants and toddlers, including the importance of understanding development from the context of family, culture and community;
  2. Pursuing the necessary financial commitment for infant and toddler programming and systems supports and understanding potential financing strategies to achieve the commitment;
  3. Gaining input and insight on State & Territory Infant Toddler action plans through peer review and feedback on plan content;
  4. Processing opportunities to analyze the current state of infant and toddler issues using a care, systems and policies frame, with the introduction of a new resource tool, Strengthening Infant/Toddler Child Care System Policies.