Session 5: Webinar

How are you growing the capacity of your workforce and consultants to support young children who are culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically diverse? This session will examine current approaches to shaping what educators and consultants know and are able to do. Evidence-based professional development (PD) practices that are grounded in state early learning guidelines will be highlighted, as well as strategies for developing educators who reflect, respect, and understand the families and communities they serve. The session will also highlight evidence-based practices and strategies for increasing the ways in which PD professionals are able to address content and criteria within the context of culture.

*****Tuesday, September 23rd from 2 pm to 4 pm EDT on-line*****
Pre-Session Assignments: 
  1. By September 16, please submit questions or challenges that your state has encountered related to professional development. Note that the issue can relate to either PD for educators and other direct service providers -OR- PD for PD providers (coaches, mentors, faculty members, etc.). Please send your questions/challenges to Camille Catlett at so that she can share them with Aisha Ray before the webinar.
  2. By September 21, please submit your state’s diversity and equity plans – efforts you will be undertaking to follow through on your participation in this Learning Table. We’ll be inviting each state to share their plans as part of the final webinar. Use the orange portion of Diversity and Equity Learning Table Planning Form.docx for this purpose.