Session 4: Webinar

How are you improving experiences for young dual language learners (DLLs)? This session will highlight evidence-based practices for supporting young DLLs in early childhood settings. The importance of grounding educators, consultants, and leaders in evidence-based practices related to language acquisition will be emphasized. Examples of system components (e.g., competencies) and effective models for supporting young DLLs will be shared.

*****Tuesday, August 26th from 2 pm to 4 pm EDT on-line*****
Pre-Session Assignments: 
  1. By August 15, please get together with members of your team to identify one question or challenge your state is facing with regard to supporting your dual language learners (DLLs) and their families. For example, I recently spoke with a group from a state that has solid and current data about effective programs for K-12 DLLs. The state was wondering if they could use those data to extrapolate what might be the most effective and appropriate ways to support younger children (birth through five). That would be a great example of a question facing that state. Please send me your challenge or question so I may forward them to Linda and Miriam well in advance of the webinar. This will give them time to share strategies that will support each state’s interests and needs.
  2. By August 21, please submit possible targets for change related to diversity and equity using Diversity and Equity Learning Table Planning Form.docx. Only the green section is requested by August 21. A draft of the orange section (your actual plan) will be due on September 12. BUILD staff and Learning Table content experts will provide feedback on your draft plans, after which you will be able to create a final version for implementation. NOTE: If your team has been using a different planning form, please feel free to continue to use that one.
  3. By August 26, please take Challenging Common Myths About Dual Language Learners Quiz.docx before you launch into this month’s reading. To check your answers, go to this month’s reading, Prek-3rd: Challenging Common Myths About Dual Language Learners: An Update to the Seminal 2008 Report, at Be sure to give yourself major snaps if you answered all the questions correctly.