Session 4: Mechanics of CQI - Finance and Data Systems

Participants will:

  • Understand data systems and how they can inform and support CQI and learn how states are using their data. Consider other data systems that support QRIS and how they are linked and aligned, and how the data is used to support CQI. 
  • Explore strategic Fiscal and Human Resource Management for CQI including shared services, budgeting related to expenditures of grants/awards, cost sharing at the state level, potential efficiencies.
  • Develop a strategy to assure research is informing practice at all levels of the system from the program level to the state level.
  •  Consider strategies to measure the CQI portion of the work. 
*****Wednesday, June 25th from 2 pm to 4 pm EDT on-line*****
Pre-Session Assignments: 

Consider your approach to:

  • Strategic use of fiscal resources to support CQI,
  • Ensuring research is informing your CQI practice, and
  • Data collection approaches that measure the CQI elements of your work with programs.