2017 National Meeting

Program Agenda

Tuesday June 27, 2017

07:30 AM - 05:00 PMConference registration opens for the day.Chantilly Ballroom Foyer
08:30 AM - 12:00 PMPre-Conference Session
409. Tell Me So That I Can GrowMadrid
443. State Strategies to Increase the Availability of Non-Traditional Hours of Quality Child CareCoronado B
546. QRIS 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About QRIS but Were Afraid to AskCoral
547. Research Related to QRIS: Taking Stock and Thinking AheadSapphire
548. EarlyEdU Alliance: Transforming Teacher Preparation Program QualityEmerald
549. Reducing Expulsion: The Intersection of Leadership, Policy, QRIS, and Supports for Programs and FamiliesTopaz
550. It’s About Time! Using Classroom Observation to Inform and Guide Practice: How do Children 0-5 Really Spend their Day?Coronado C
551. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI): Building on What We Are Learning to Deepen Our Collective ImpactMonet
01:00 PM - 03:15 PMEducation, Early Learning, Equity, and Well-Being: Do Shared Aspirations for Our Country’s Youngest Children Exist and How Do We Advance Toward Them?Chantilly Ballroom East
03:30 PM - 05:00 PMBreakout Session
307. Hearing Everyone’s Voice: Strategic Approaches to Engaging Stakeholders in Creating a “No Surprises” QRIS RevisionCortez A
311. Building Cutting Edge, Comprehensive, and Flexible Cross-Sector SystemsCortez B
315. Looking for the "Active Ingredient" in Family Child Care Quality and Quality Improvement: Innovative Research Perspectives on Caregiving and SupportCortez C
326. Full Participation: Building Equitable State Systems for Culturally, Linguistically, and Individually Diverse Children and their FamiliesMorocco
328. ITERS-3: What Do We Know About It and How Does It Work in PracticeDe LaSalle
330. The Case for Justice from the Start: How to Use a Racial Justice Lens to Increase Supports for Children 0-3Madrid
401. Supporting High-Risk Urban Communities in QRIS: Developing Culturally Competent Strategies to Engage Partners and Build Sustainable Community-Based LeadershipDesoto
420. The Role of Local Early Childhood Systems in Supporting Quality CareEmerald
424. Implementing a Comprehensive Approach to Professional Development for Technical Assistance Specialists: Reaching Higher Ground through CollaborationTopaz
426. Thresholds, Averages, and Implementation: How Do I Choose a CLASS Goal to Drive Improvement?Sapphire
513. Coordinated Monitoring: Mapping and PlanningMiro
517. Real-Life Research: The Value of Partnerships to Inform Quality Improvement in QRISCoronado A
524. The Business Side of Early Care and EducationSenators Lecture Hall
527. A Great QRIS: So How Do We Pay for All of This?Metropolitan
528. A Deep Dive Into QRIS Communications: Engaging Parents and PolicymakersCoronado C
558. Using the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to Support Early LearningCoronado D
560. Policy, Practice and Research to Advance Equitable Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE)Cortez D
563. The Role of Quality Improvement Systems and Policies in Disrupting Inequities in the Early Care and Education System for Children, Families, and EducatorsCoral
564. To Change Everything, We Need Everyone: Surrounding Our Youngest Children with a Community of Support Monet
604. Consultation with Sharon Ritchie, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (Advance Sign-up Required)Milan
05:00 PM - 07:30 PMSponsors' ReceptionChantilly Ballroom Foyer

Wednesday June 28, 2017

07:00 AM - 08:00 AMBreakfastChantilly Ballroom West
Breakout Session
Health & Wellness Listening Session (by invitation only)Milan
08:00 AM - 10:00 AMBreakout Session
324. Building Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Strategies into QRIS: A Cross-Systems Look Cortez B
329. Creating an Early Learning Legislative Agenda: How California Studied State and National Policy Lessons to Sequence Wins for KidsCoronado A
361. Using Data Effectively: The Findings and Makings of a QRIS Data Community of PracticeMadrid
379. Continuous Quality Improvement: Harmonizing the Beautiful ChaosDe LaSalle
404. Making the Switch from ECERS-R to ECERS-3: Aiming for Higher Quality in State SystemsCortez A
407. The Perfect Recipe: Leadership Skill-Building + Stakeholder Engagement + Equity Lens (Just Add Local Communities)Coronado B
419. Beyond Ratings & Widgets – Using Data to Improve Implementation & PolicyCortez C
422. Translating the Five Essential Supports Framework into Organizational Practices that Strengthen Continuous Improvement of Teaching and LearningCortez D
431. Lessons from a Community-Level Approach Using Behavior Science in Illinois' Early Childhood Innovation ZonesCoronado C
480. Mobilizing for Local ActionMetropolitan
493. Moving Beyond Data: Using Research and Partnerships to Revise QRISGovernors Lecture Hall
503. On the Waitlist, on a Budget: Identifying, Mapping, and Alleviating Child Care DesertsCoronado D
514. Supporting Family Child Care Providers: The Potential of Partnerships and CollaborationsDesoto
569. Family VoiceMonet
585. Innovation in State & Local Finance for QRISMiro
CANCELLED - 423. Moving Quality Beyond the Checklist: Engaging ALL Providers in QRISMorocco
10:00 AM - 10:30 AMBreak
10:00 AM - 05:00 PMSponsors' ExhibitionChantilly Ballroom Foyer
10:30 AM - 12:00 PMBreakout Session
327. Connect4Learning: Teaching and Learning the Interdisciplinary WayCortez B
349. Setting up an Advocacy Agenda for Quality Child Care in Conservative StatesDesoto
372. Teach Me to Fish: Moving from Checklist to ReflectionCortez D
380. The Coaching Continuum: Utilizing Parallel Process and Research-Based Strategies to Build Capacity in Coaches and Workforce MembersCortez C
425. Transforming Family Child Care Quality through Innovative Practices: Research and Program PerspectivesSenators Lecture Hall
433. QRIS and Accreditation – Building a Supportive Pathway to Quality for Early Care and Education and School-Aged Care ProgramsMadrid
439. Local Standards for Institutions of Higher Education (IHE): Bringing a Consumer Perspective to Teacher Preparation Programs in Support of the State QRISGovernors Lecture Hall
461. High Stakes Assessments in Multilingual PopulationsMiro
488. Combining CCDF Funds to Enhance Quality School-Age CareCoronado B
518. Approaches to Measuring Access to Quality Care and EducationCoronado A
523. Tax Credits as an Early Care and Education Financing Strategy: A Provocative ConversationDe LaSalle
530. Including Pre-K in your Cross-Sector QRIS: A Match Made in…?Monet
542. Promoting Culturally Competent Quality Rating and Improvement Systems through CCDBG ImplementationMorocco
543. Saying No to Expulsion and Suspension and Yes to Meaningful Supports for Children and FamiliesMetropolitan
568. Better Together: How CLASS Aligns with Other Tools for Quality Improvement *****Featured Sponsor Session*****Coronado C
570. Families and QRIS StandardsCoronado D
586. Targeting Infant-Toddler Child-Care-System Policies and Practices: Previewing an Instrument to Strengthen Access to and Quality of Infant-Toddler Child Care in States and TerritoriesManchester
589. TCC’s New Early Childhood Integrated Data System *****5-Star Sponsor Session*****Cortez A
603. Consultation with Robyn Lopez Melton and Dana Bleakney-Huebsch, The Research Institute at Western Oregon University (Advance Sign-Up Required)Milan
610. Consultation with Katie Emerson-Hoss, Early EdU AllianceMing
12:00 PM - 01:00 PMBuffet lunch available for all registered participantsChantilly Ballroom West
01:00 PM - 03:00 PMPlenary Session - Infusing Equity at All Stages of QRIS for ALL ProvidersChantilly Ballroom East
03:15 PM - 04:45 PMBreakout Session
374. Continuous Quality Improvement: Unpacking and Deepening Our UnderstandingMonet
392. E-Learning and Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts: A Dialog of Successes and Lessons LearnedDe LaSalle
421. Sharing Successes, Challenges, and Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging School-Age Programs in Quality Improvement SystemsCoronado B
472. Community of Practice on Agency-Level Shared Services ApproachesMetropolitan
605. Consultation with Anne Mitchell, Early Childhood Policy Research, and Simon Workman, Center for American Progress (Advance Sign-up Required)Wedgwood Ballroom Table A
607. Meeting Facilitation Consultation with Maggie McGlynn and Lisa Sutter, McGlynn Leadership (Advance Sign-Up Required) Wedgwood Ballroom Table B
608. Leadership Recharge Consultation with Maggie McGlynn and Lisa Sutter, McGlynn Leadership (Advance Sign-up Required)Wedgwood Ballroom Table C
701. California Delegation MeetingCoronado A
702. Washington Delegation MeetingCoronado C
703. South Carolina Delegation MeetingMing
704. North Carolina Delegation MeetingMadrid
705. New York Delegation MeetingManchester
706. Washington, DC Delegation MeetingMilan
707. Oregon Delegation MeetingCortez A
708. New Jersey Delegation MeetingCortez B
709. Idaho Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table D
710. Georgia Delegation MeetingCortez C
711. Illinois Delegation MeetingCortez D
712. Indiana Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table Y
713. West Virginia Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table E
714. Texas Delegation MeetingDesoto
715. Michigan Delegation MeetingMiro
716. Arkansas Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table V
717. Vermont Delegation MeetingGovernors Lecture Hall
718. Minnesota Delegation MeetingSenators Lecture Hall
719. Utah Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table F
720. Wisconsin Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table W
721. Florida Delegation MeetingMorocco
722. Ohio Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table H
724. Connecticut Delegation MeetingWedgwood Ballroom - Table G
Indicators Meeting (By Invitation Only)Coronado D
05:00 PM - 06:30 PMTeachstone Featured Sponsor Reception-Open to all registered participantsChantilly Ballroom West

Thursday June 29, 2017

07:00 AM - 08:30 AMBreakfastChantilly Ballroom West
Breakout Session
Data Community of Practice (for members of the CoP)Milan
QRIS 3.0 Think Tank Meeting (by invitation only)Ming
08:30 AM - 10:00 AMBreakout Session
331. How Invisible Assessment across the B-3 Continuum Optimizes Early Education InvestmentSenators Lecture Hall
376. Building the Workforce in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Ways to Support QRIS EffortsDe LaSalle
386. Professional Development Frameworks: Regulations, Strategies, and State ExamplesCortez A
435. A "How To" System: The Roadmap of Sequential Signs and Steps to Quality Infant-Toddler ProgramsCoronado B
445. Director-Led Peer Learning Communities as a Framework to Build Capacity and Support Program ImprovementCoronado D
469. Organizational Climate and Conditions Matter: How to Measure and Use Organizational Data for ImprovementCoronado A
479. Lessons Learned from Implementing an Innovative Professional Development System for Practitioners, Community of Practice Facilitators, and Certified Early Learning CoachesCoronado C
502. No Money, No Problem: How States Can Support Access to High-Quality Early Learning Opportunities When Funding is LimitedCortez B
511. Head Start, QRIS and Building Systems that WorkDesoto
520. Measuring and Evaluating Quality Improvement Activities to Learn What WorksMonet
552. Municipal Leadership: Sparking Innovation By Supporting Young Children and FamiliesCortez C
555. Advocates and Administrators Advancing Equity in QRIS - The Role of Race, Language & Cultural Diversity, Immigration, and CommunityGovernors Lecture Hall
557. Important Roles of Early Learning LeadersMorocco
565. Power to the Profession: The Blueprint for a More Defined, Unified and Supported Early Care and Education ProfessionCortez D
587. Winning for Young Children: The Power of PartnershipsMiro
601. Consultation with Branagh Information Group (Advance Sign-Up Required) *****5-Star Sponsor Session*****Madrid
606. Consultation with Christopher Swanson and Zhiwen Tan, The Johns Hopkins Center for Technology in Education (Advance Sign-Up Required)Wedgwood Ballroom Table A
609. Consultation with Terry Tolan, Center for Nonprofit Excellence (Advance Sign-Up Required)Wedgwood Ballroom Table B
611. Consultation with Louise Stoney, Alliance for Early Childhood Finance (Advance Sign-Up Required)Wedgwood Ballroom Table C
08:30 AM - 12:00 PMBreakout Session
508. From Vision to Action: Why and How State Leaders Can Support Equity and Systems Change through the Development of Black LeadershipMetropolitan
10:00 AM - 10:30 AMBreak
10:30 AM - 12:00 PMBreakout Session
356. Legal and Policy Options for Quality in Small Family HomesCortez B
370. Leadership as the Lever for Improving Instruction: Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustaining Practices to Advance Early Childhood Teaching and LearningCoronado A
393. Where the "IT" Hits the Road: Implementing Reflection, Concrete Skills, and Meaningful Plans for Infant-Toddler EducatorsMonet
408. Compensation Strategies for the Early Care and Education Workforce: Raising Wages from the Floor to the CeilingCortez A
448. Understanding Health Equity and How It Impacts Children and Families in Child CareDe LaSalle
453. Professional Development: Meeting the Needs of Child Care, Head Start and Pre-K Administrators and TeachersCoronado B
477. Using QRIS as an Innovative Approach to Promote Quality in Infant and Toddler Child CareDesoto
490. Going for Gold: Exploring the New CDA Gold Standard Certification in Workforce Development TrainingSenators Lecture Hall
500. The Translation Engine Ate My QRIS Document: Creating Linguistically Accessible Systems as a Strategy for EquityCortez D
532. Innovative Models to Build, Expand, and Sustain Quality Facilities and ServicesMiro
533. Driving Results at the State Level while Balancing Implementation of Local Quality Improvement InitiativesCortez C
541. Impacts of Federal Policy Change for State Systems and FinancingMorocco
588. New Ideas for School-Age Quality Improvement Systems and State Peer LearningCoronado C