2017 National Meeting

Education, Early Learning, Equity, and Well-Being: Do Shared Aspirations for Our Country’s Youngest Children Exist and How Do We Advance Toward Them?

Date: Tuesday June 27, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Location: Chantilly Ballroom East
Speakers: Pedro Noguera
Celinda Lake

Author, teacher, and advocate Pedro Noguera will share his passion for equity and education reform as a way to transform young children’s opportunities and our society. He’ll talk about access to great early learning as well as the importance of family and health care. 

​Political strategist and pollster Celinda Lake will translate her findings about family and early childhood policy into an understanding of the principles and core values held by many. She will shed light on change strategies we can pursue to create an America where young children and their families can thrive. The plenary will include a full-group discussion.

Watch the plenary

Resources: application/pdf iconTuesdayPlenary.pdf
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