2017 National Meeting

493. Moving Beyond Data: Using Research and Partnerships to Revise QRIS

Date: Wednesday June 28, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Governors Lecture Hall
Speakers: Dana Bleakney-Huebsch
Erin Gernetzke
Katherine Magnuson
Noemí Ochoa
Joanne Roberts
Amy Whitehead-Pleaux

Explore how three states are using research, lessons learned, and key community partners to refine their QRIS. Learn how they selected the key data and research needed to make QRIS changes that fit their states’ guiding principles and how they are partnering with researchers, facilitators, and community stakeholders to enhance the revision process. Finally, learn about the varied recommendations for QRIS changes, what they are doing next in the revision process, and how their experiences may support your state’s next steps.

Resources: application/pdf icon493 PPT.pdf
application/pdf icon493 Handout Chart.pdf
application/pdf icon493 Handout Recommendations.pdf
application/pdf icon493 PPT 2.pdf