2018 QRIS National Meeting

435. How to Get Candidates to Do More than Kiss the Babies

Date: Monday July 16, 2018
Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Conference 4

There's a great deal of political capital in early childhood education. When leveraged in an election cycle, it can catapult an issue to the top of the policy agenda and pave the way for substantially larger public investments in high-quality ece services. Learn from three experts how to turn your stakeholder passion for expanding high-quality ECE services into a potent political force that wins in elections and gets real results. These presenters will pull back the curtain on how to mount an effective non-partisan, non-profit election campaign for ECE, explore what's worked and what hasn't, share tactics for boosting candidate adhesion to ECE causes, divulge insider knowledge on how to structure and fund an ECE-focused electioncycle campaign, and detail what it takes to get candidates who win with ECE platforms to really deliver. We will focus on doing this work within the context of what can be done by organizations that are 501(c)3-compliant. 

Presenters: Donna Cooper, Public Citizens for Children and Youth; Cesar Hernandez, Center for Community Change; Bill Jaeger, Colorado Children's Campaign

Resources: application/pdf icon435PowerPoint.pdf