2016 QRIS National Meeting

Program Agenda & Handouts

Tuesday July 12, 2016

08:30 AM - 12:00 PMPre-Conference Session
221. QRIS 101: Looking Back to Re-FocusGrand Salon 9 (1st floor)
222. Early Learning Challenge QRIS Validation Studies: Findings and Lessons LearnedGrand Salon 3 & 6 (1st floor)
223. Creating a National Learning Community around Continuous Quality Improvement (Branagh Information Group 5-Star Sponsor Session)Marlborough A & B (2nd floor)
01:00 PM - 03:15 PMOpening Plenary SessionGrand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
03:30 PM - 05:00 PMBreakout Session
305. Overview of QRIS Finance: System and ServicesGrand Salon 4 (1st floor)
333. What Does Culturally Competent Care Look and Feel Like to Infants and Toddlers? Establishing Policies and PracticesGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
505. Building a CQI Culture: Technical Assistance to Prepare Programs and Strengthen LeadersGrand Salon 22 (1st floor)
601. Growing the Next Generation of Early Childhood Leaders: Community and Higher Education PartnershipsGrand Salon 19 (1st floor)
622. Professional Development Frameworks that Support Inclusion in QRIS: A Four-State PerspectiveGrand Salon 9 (1st floor)
645. Enhancing Child Assessments through Effective Family EngagementGrand Salon 16 (1st floor)
657. Embracing Diverse Perspectives to Strengthen the Foundation of a QRIS RevisionMarlborough A & B (2nd floor)
663. Three Approaches to Improving Teacher-Child InteractionsGrand Salon 12 (1st floor)
681. Family Child Care: A Crucial Piece of the PuzzleGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
682. Family Empowerment MattersGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
687. Coordinating Early Childhood Developmental and Behavioral Screening, Referral, and Intervention Services Across SectorsGrand Salon 13 (1st floor)
708. Linking Development, Implementation, and Evaluation: Continuous Improvement of a QRIS Through DataGrand Salon 15 (1st floor)
713. Key Findings from Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge QRIS Validation StudiesGrand Salon 7 (1st floor)
722. Establishing an Ecosystem for High-Quality Early Learning (EEQEL) ****FEATURED SESSION****Grand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
728. Exploring the Intersection of Health and Early Learning to Promote Health Equity and Child Well-BeingGrand Salon 3 and 6 (1st floor)
05:15 PM - 07:30 PMSponsor’s Reception Grand Ballroom A (1st floor)

Wednesday July 13, 2016

08:30 AM - 10:00 AMPlenary SessionGrand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
10:00 AM - 10:15 AMBreak
10:15 AM - 11:45 AMBreakout Session
303. Collective Impact: Fad, Trend, or the Future?Grand Salon 9 (1st floor)
309. Think Outside the Box: Generating New Revenue to Support Early Care and Education ServicesGrand Salon 6 (1st floor)
310. QRIS and Public School PreK: A Match Made in Heaven or More Like Chalk and Cheese?Grand Salon 12 (1st floor)
326. Designed to Succeed: Integrating Technology & Data into QRIS Using the Latest ToolsGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
605. Outdoor Learning Environments: Breakthroughs in QualityGrand Salon 19 (1st floor)
609. From All to Each and Every: Building State Systems that Support Children who are Culturally, Linguistically, and Individually DiverseGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
648. Supporting Effective Teaching and Learning: The Lead Learn Excel ProcessGrand Salon 22 (1st floor)
658. A Tale of Three Registries: Working Collaboratively with QRIS to Achieve QualityGrand Salon 13 (1st floor)
709. Building a Statewide System of Intentional Coaching: How Increased Awareness of Instructional Practices Develops Reflective PractitionersGrand Salon 16 (1st floor)
714. Using Research to Support QRIS ImplementationGrand Salon 15 (1st floor)
723. QRIS Communications: Advocacy FrameworksGrand Salon 18 (1st floor)
730. The Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework and the Next Generation of Measures on Family Engagement for QRISGrand Salon 3 (1st floor)
798. Reforming Child Care at the Federal, State and Local Level - Discussion with the Director of the Office of Child CareGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
799. Does Black Leadership Matter in Early Childhood Systems: A Conversation Grand Salon 4 (1st floor)
801. The Results are in: The State of CLASS 2015 (Teachstone Featured Sponsor Session)Grand Salon 7 (1st floor)
12:00 PM - 01:00 PMLunchGrand Ballroom A (1st floor)
01:00 PM - 02:30 PMBreakout Session
337. Integrating and Financing Compensation in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems: An Overview of Status and StrategiesGrand Salon 18 (1st floor)
338. Shared Services as a Framework for Early Care and Education FinanceGrand Salon 6 (1st floor)
408. The Power of Peer Learning Teams: A Continuous Quality Improvement ApproachGrand Salon 15 (1st floor)
410. Recruiting and Supporting Diverse Leadership as Drivers for System Sustainability and Continuous Quality Improvement: A Continued Conversation Leading to Action *****FEATURED SESSION*****Grand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
508. Community Based Approaches to Building Quality through QRIS: One Size does NOT Fit All!Grand Salon 13 (1st floor)
655. Building the Workforce in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Ways to Support QRIS EffortsGrand Salon 12 (1st floor)
666. Creating a Successful Formula for Incorporating School-Age Programs in Quality Improvement SystemsGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
700. Bringing License-Exempt Family Child Care into the Quality Improvement SystemGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
703. ECERS-3 One Year In: States' Experience Implementing ECERS-3 in QRISGrand Salon 3 (1st floor)
715. What Works to Improve Quality? New Approaches and Lessons Learned from Recent EvaluationsGrand Salon 9 (1st floor)
729. Sharpening the Focus: QRIS Reforms to Improve Developmentally, Culturally, and Linguistically Appropriate TeachingGrand Salon 16 (1st floor)
731. QRIS and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education)Grand Salon 22 (1st floor)
793. Quality Right Before Our Eyes – Capturing and Growing Simple Interactions as the Active Ingredient of Early Childhood EducationGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
01:00 PM - 04:15 PMBreakout Session
407. Getting Results for Diversity and Equity in your QRISGrand Salon 4 (1st floor)
411. Powerful Interactions Among Adults Lead to Increased Intentionality and Quality: How Arkansas is Linking Practice to Child OutcomesEglinton Winton (2nd floor)
02:30 PM - 02:45 PMBreak
02:45 PM - 04:15 PMBreakout Session
313. Early Childhood Quality Improvement Pathway System: A New Tool to Measure Program Quality in QRISGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
340. Putting It All Together: The San Francisco Approach to Understanding Costs & Reforming Finance Using a QRISGrand Salon 6 (1st floor)
501. Systems Building in an Era of Program FundingGrand Salon 18 (1st floor)
506. Classroom Quality Assessment Tool Users: Round Table DiscussionGrand Salon 3 (1st floor)
616. Communities Leading for Equity - One Data Point at a Time!Grand Salon 16 (1st floor)
629. CCDF Reauthorization: Ready, Set, Implement!Grand Salon 15 (1st floor)
643. Family Focused QRIS Criteria: Designing Meaningful Criteria to Support Family EngagementGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
660. Preventing Children’s Exposures to Environmental Health Hazards in Early Care and EducationGrand Salon 19 (1st floor)
662. Mission Critical: Explicit Competencies and Professional Development for Infant-Toddler EducatorsGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
665. Strengthening the Support and Supervision Framework for Technical Assistance Providers Working with School-Age ProgramsGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
716. Measuring What Matters: Issues in Measuring Curriculum and Assessment Use in a QRIS ContextGrand Salon 13 (1st floor)
726. Racial Disparities in Expulsion Rates and Implications for Child Care Mental Health Consultation Grand Salon 9 (1st floor)
791. Measuring & Assessing Quality for Young Dual Language Learners - What are we Learning?Grand Salon 22 (1st floor)
802. Why Can't We All Just Get Along? QRIS as a Component of an Early Childhood Integrated Data System (TCC Software Solutions 5-star Sponsor Session)Grand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
04:15 PM - 04:30 PMBreak
04:30 PM - 05:30 PMBreakout Session
319. We Can’t Just Translate Everything! Rethinking Equitable Access to QRIS through Culturally Relevant Translation ProcessesGrand Salon 13 (1st floor)
320. Building a High-Quality, Unified, Early Childhood Education System: Lessons from LouisianaGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
321. State Policy Options that Support Infant and Toddler Access to High-Quality Child CareGrand Salon 9 (1st floor)
323. School Readiness Standards in QRIS: Sharpening the FocusGrand Salon 3 (1st floor)
327. Crowdsourcing QRISGrand Salon 7 (1st floor)
331. But What About Me? Culturally Competent LGBT Inclusion Practices in Early Childhood EducationGrand Salon 16 (1st floor)
339. Cost Modeling and the Impact of Policy on the Early Care and Education Provider Bottom LineGrand Salon 6 (1st floor)
612. Success! Sustaining Washington State’s RTT QRIS investment at Scale and Navigating the Post-Grant LandscapeGrand Salon 12 (1st floor)
634. Coming Together on Online Tools for Early Care and Education Systems-Building and Continuous ImprovementGrand Salon 4 (1st floor)
671. Links in a Chain: Linking Data, Technical Assistance, and Continuous Quality Improvement to Strengthen Quality in Infant and Toddler ClassroomsGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
785. NAEYC Accreditation to Better Support Your QRISGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
786. Putting the Whole Child at the Center of the Early Childhood EcosystemGrand Salon 15 (1st floor)
790. Healthy Children Are Ready to LearnGrand Salon 22 (1st floor)
05:45 PM - 07:30 PMTeachstone Featured Sponsor ReceptionGrand Ballroom A (1st floor)
07:00 AM - 08:30 AMBreakfastGrand Ballroom A (1st floor)

Thursday July 14, 2016

BreakfastGrand Ballroom A (1st floor)
08:30 AM - 10:00 AMBreakout Session
317. Meeting the Needs of Children, Families and Practitioners: The Integration of Three Targeted Supports in Miami-Dade’s QRISGrand Salon 10 (1st floor)
341. Business Metrics and Industry StandardsGrand Salon 6 (1st floor)
403. The Missing Link in QRIS: Approaches to Cultivate Supportive Teaching ConditionsGrand Salon 19 (1st floor)
405. Continuing the Conversation: QRIS' Contributions to ECE Becoming a Recognized ProfessionGrand Salon 4 (1st floor)
504. Staying Relevant and Effective: How States are Leveraging the Early Learning Challenge to Strengthen Their QRISGrand Salon 13 (1st floor)
507. Setting Standards for Technical AssistanceGrand Salon 3 (1st floor)
632. Building a Partnership that Works: Lessons Learned in Collaboration Between Professional Development Systems and QRISGrand Salon 15 (1st floor)
633. Integrating Health and Wellness into QRIS: A Childhood Obesity Prevention StrategyGrand Salon 21 (1st floor)
651. What Does the Data Tell Us? The Evolution of Environment Rating Scale (ERS) Use Within QRISGrand Salon 24 (1st floor)
690. Family Child Care and QRIS: How States are Ensuring a Good FitGrand Salon 7 (1st floor)
698. Tailor-Made: Creating Individualized Professional Development that is Responsive to Our Diverse WorkforceGrand Salon 9 (1st floor)
704. Taking Quality to Scale from the Bottom Up: California’s QRIS ExpansionGrand Salon 22 (1st floor)
717. Coordinated Monitoring Systems in Early Care and EducationGrand Salon 12 (1st floor)
725. Making Higher Education Work for Working Family Child Care and Center-Based TeachersGrand Salon 18 (1st floor)
736. Research to Practice: Dual Language Learners from Infancy to Age Three ****FEATURED SESSION****Grand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)
788. Thinking About the Functions of a Comprehensive Early Learning SystemAcross the SectorsGrand Salon 16 (1st floor)
10:00 AM - 10:15 AMBreakout Session
10:15 AM - 12:00 PMPlenary SessionGrand Ballroom C and D (1st floor)