Two Provocative Talks with Important Messages to Take Home

Date: Friday July 17, 2015
Time: 10:15 AM - 11:55 AM
Location: Woodrow Wilson Ballroom
Speakers: Joan Lombardi, Early Opportunities, LLC
Byron Garrett, National Family Engagement Alliance
Lea Austin, University of California at Berkeley

Meaningful Family Engagement in the Early Childhood System

Often family engagement in QRIS takes the form of checking a box. Sometimes it is an awareness campaign, as if families are merely consumers we want to impact, getting them to choose what we have defined as high quality. Sometimes family engagement takes the form of resources that advise families on how to be better teachers to their children. What would meaningful, "two-way" engagement look like? Focus on family engagement can be a meaningful attempt to embrace a child’s family, allowing that family to share its culture, values, and knowledge of the child, to be a co-creator of the child’s learning experiences. In this session, Byron Garrett will share his thoughts on what partnering with families might look like in an early childhood system that engages families authentically to meet their needs, the children’s needs, and the needs of the system.

Reconceptualizing Leadership in Early Care and Education 

Leadership matters if we are to reconceptualize and transform the existing early care and education system into one that is comprehensive and equitable for all children, and the teachers and providers who care for and educate them. Who leads influences the perspectives we privilege, and decisions we make about quality improvement strategies and investments. This conversation will explore what it means to lead in early childhood, and how we can shift our conception of leadership to include more disparate voices and experiences.

Resources: application/pdf iconLeaAustinPlenarySession4PPTasPDF.pdf