Program Agenda

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Wednesday July 15, 2015

01:30 PM - 03:00 PMTaking Quality to ScaleWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
03:15 PM - 04:45 PMBreakout Session
106. Evolving Mature QRIS: Reflecting on Going for GreatAnnapolis 1
114. Using Technology in Your QRIS: Options for Teacher Coursework, Peer Assistance and CoachingAnnapolis 2
118. Building a Cross-Sector QRIS: Strategies to Promote Head Start and Public Preschool ParticipationAnnapolis 3
128. Strategies for Supporting Family Child Care Providers through Coordinated Professional Development and Targeted Technical AssistanceAnnapolis 4
158. Mindfulness in the Face of Complexity: Innovations to Strengthen and Simplify QRIS MonitoringBaltimore 4
167. Assessing What Teachers Need to Help Children SucceedBaltimore 1
170. Engineering the Future of QRIS: The Next GenerationBaltimore 2
183. Reaching for Higher Ground through Advancements in Assessing Learning Environments: Transitioning from ECERS-R to ECERS-3 within an Established QRISBaltimore 3
213. Building Supportive Communities by Creating Successful Museum, Library and Early Learning PartnershipsCamellia 2
226. Planning for the Next Generation of QRIS: Developing a Complete QRIS Conceptual FrameworkWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
243. Advancing Issues of Language and Culture in QRIS: Beyond Standards to Measurement and Professional DevelopmentBaltimore 5
246. Supporting Children’s Social-Emotional and Behavioral Health through an Equity LensCamellia 3
303. Is Scaling Up Quality Even Possible When We Have Other New Federal Requirements to Meet? Technology Strategies in Indiana and Maryland, 5 Star Sponsor PresentationCamellia 4

Thursday July 16, 2015

09:00 AM - 10:00 AMMultiple Perspectives on Access to High Quality Early Care and EducationWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
10:15 AM - 11:45 AMBreakout Session
120. Acting on Early Childhood Assessment Results to Improve Child OutcomesBaltimore 4
138. It's About Time! Children's Experience of Education and Care SettingsAnnapolis 1
165. Creating QRIS that Support Cultural and Pedagogical DifferencesAnnapolis 2
176. Shared Services: Building Quality, Leadership and Management Capacity in Early Care and EducationCamellia 3
177. Infant/Toddler Quality Indicators and the Workforce: Exploring What Works, Lessons Learned, Questions and Concerns, and Related ResourcesWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
194. Quality Costs How Much?! The Endless Possibilities of the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator and How One State Used It to Change PolicyCamellia 2
225. Lessons Learned From RTT-ELC Validation StudiesBaltimore 5
230. Setting QRIS Participation Rates and Measuring Density of Program Participation: What WorksBaltimore 1
231. Measuring Curriculum Implementation in QRISAnnapolis 3
232. Family Counts: Strengthening Family Partnerships through QRISAnnapolis 4
237. Leveraging Technology for Quality ImprovementBaltimore 2
238. What Does Quality Early Care Look Like for Homeless and Other Children with High Needs?Baltimore 3
301. You've Observed Classrooms using the CLASS Measure: Now What? Featured Sponsor PresentationCamellia 4
01:30 PM - 02:30 PMThe Early Childhood Profession We All Want: Creating the System We NeedWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
02:45 PM - 03:45 PMBreakout Session
117. Post CCDBG Reauthorization – Moving the Conversation from Health and Safety to Quality to ScaleAnnapolis 1
122. Supporting Infant & Toddler Best Practices in QRISAnnapolis 2
142. Elevating QRIS Communications: How to Improve Outreach and Engagement to Providers, Parents, Partners, Policymakers, and the PublicAnnapolis 3
149. Supporting Families and Building Protective Factors through QRISCamellia 2
178. Leveraging NAEYC Accreditation to Sustain and Scale-up QRISAnnapolis 4
198. Policy Alignment: Two Approaches to Identifying Early Care and Education Policy that Supports an Accessible and Successful QRISBaltimore 1
216. Analytics, Algorithms, Abstracts: Who Cares? Using Data-Informed Storytelling to Engage the CommunityCamellia 3
220. Recalibrating Quality Improvement: Who is in the Driver's Seat?Baltimore 2
221. New Mexico's FOCUS QRIS + CQI = A Culture for Purposeful ChangeBaltimore 3
228. Two New Measures: An Overview of the Family Teacher Provider Relationships Questionnaire and the Quality of Caregiver-Child Interactions for Infants and ToddlersBaltimore 4
240. National Resources and State Examples to Support Early Learning Sustainability PlanningBaltimore 5
244. Assessing and Promoting Family and Community Engagement for Healthy Childhood Development and Program QualityCamellia 4
04:00 PM - 05:30 PMBreakout Session
140. Harnessing Parent Demand to Grow and Sustain QRIS ParticipationAnnapolis 1
175. Assessment and Data as Components of Continuous Quality ImprovementAnnapolis 3
185. A Shared Vision for an Inclusive Future: Inclusive Practices in QRISCamellia 3
188. State-Funded Preschool Programs in QRIS – Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies (How to Train Your Dragon)Baltimore 1
192. Utilizing Facilitated Peer Learning Communities as an Effective Strategy to Support QRIS InitiativesAnnapolis 2
204. Unpacking the Quality Improvement Box: Using Data on Technical Assistance to Strengthen ImpactAnnapolis 4
215. How States Design, Implement and Sustain Career Ladders for the Next Generation of Early Care and Education ProfessionalsBaltimore 2
223. Using Data to Support Quality Improvement at ScaleBaltimore 3
227. Using New National Early Care and Education Data to Support Design, Planning and Implementation of QRISBaltimore 4
234. Moving Toward a More Aligned and Coordinated Monitoring SystemWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
241. The Common Thread: Crafting a Coherent Accountability System Focused on Great TeachingBaltimore 5
302. ECERS-3 Teaching and Interactions, 5 Star Sponsor PresentationCamellia 4

Friday July 17, 2015

08:30 AM - 10:00 AMBreakout Session
116. Effective Workforce Development through a Continuous Quality Improvement FrameworkAnnapolis 2
131. The Five Essentials for Early Education (FiveE-Early Ed): A Framework and Surveys to Measure Organizational Supports Essential to Continuous ImprovementBaltimore 5
148. Developing Systems for Assessing Quality: Maintaining Reliability and IntegrityCamellia 3
151. How to Include Family Child Care? Promising Practices for Engaging Family Child Care Providers in Quality Improvement SystemsAnnapolis 3
166. Diverse Leadership as a Driver for System Sustainability and Continuous Quality ImprovementAnnapolis 4
169. A Road Map to Core CompetenciesCamellia 4
182. Opportunities through QRIS to Promote Cultural Competence in Family Engagement and Early Childhood Education Practices in Support of Children’s LearningBaltimore 2
208. QRIS Incentives and Program Quality: A Discussion of State Approaches and the Effectiveness of IncentivesBaltimore 3
224. Access to Quality: How Can Communities and States Better Measure Access?Baltimore 4
233. Coaching and Quality Improvement: How Does Program Quality Change Over Time?Camellia 2
236. Best in CLASS: Coaching Teachers on the CLASS ToolBaltimore 1
242. QRIS - Version 3.0Annapolis 1
245. Trends and Innovations through an Equity Lens on Professional Development and the Early Childhood Education WorkforceWoodrow Wilson Ballroom
10:15 AM - 11:55 AMTwo Provocative Talks with Important Messages to Take HomeWoodrow Wilson Ballroom