244. Assessing and Promoting Family and Community Engagement for Healthy Childhood Development and Program Quality

Date: Thursday July 16, 2015
Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Location: Camellia 4
Speakers: Richard Chase, Wilder Research
Betty Emarita, Development and Training, Inc.

Learn about two brief self-administered tools that provide data from a family and community perspective. A tool for parents assesses healthy childhood development. A tool for providers and staff assesses program quality. Together the tools promote engagement based upon valuing family connections and wisdom and including families as integral to program decisions. The workshop will show how to administer the tools, process the data, and interpret the results.

Resources: application/pdf iconSession244PPTasPDF.pdf
application/pdf iconFamilyandCommunityEngagementSurvey.pdf
application/pdf iconFamilyandCommunityKnowledgeSystems.pdf