208. QRIS Incentives and Program Quality: A Discussion of State Approaches and the Effectiveness of Incentives

Date: Friday July 17, 2015
Time: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Baltimore 3
Speakers: Jim Bates, National Center on Child Care Subsidy Innovation and Accountability
Darlene Hamilton, National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement
Anne Mitchell, Early Childhood Policy Research
Simon Workman, APA Consulting

States offer a variety of QRIS incentives – both financial and non-financial – but how do states determine what to offer and how to structure these incentive plans? This engaging session will provide an overview of the types of QRIS incentives currently used by states and will explore the impact of these incentives on providers, practitioners, and parents. We will discuss which supports or combinations of supports are most effective at improving and sustaining program quality, and also explore which supports provide the most cost-effective path to quality improvement. Representatives from a number of states will share their experiences and kick off a group discussion as we engage in this important topic.

Resources: application/pdf iconSession208PPTasPDF.pdf