178. Leveraging NAEYC Accreditation to Sustain and Scale-up QRIS

Date: Thursday July 16, 2015
Time: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Location: Annapolis 4
Speakers: Kathie Boe, Knowledge Universe
Marica Cox Mitchell and Susan Hedges, National Association for the Education of Young Children

Uneven funding, political shifts, and fragile infrastructures are threats to sustaining and expanding QRIS systems. NAEYC‘s accreditation system for programs serving young children exists in every state and can be leveraged to sustain and scale-up QRIS. Using established, reliable processes for measuring and building quality, NAEYC accreditation aligns with the goals of QRIS. This session highlights examples and benefits of leveraging the NAEYC accreditation system. Data from the nation’s largest early childhood education provider will be shared.

Resources: application/pdf iconSession178PPTasPDF.pdf