Theory of Change for the Strong Minds Network

One of the strategies used to prepare children for school was the development of a Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) initiated by CSC more than 10 years ago. Based on the learning from the current system, Quality Counts (QC), national research, and a review of our system by national experts, CSC has decided to replace the current system with a new system: the Strong Minds network. The network will have greater emphasis on achieving child outcomes so that children will be ready for school.

Paths to QUALITY Research Briefs and Technical Reports by the Purdue University Center for Families

Indiana's voluntary QRIS, named Paths to QUALITY, was launched in 2008. The system has had great success enrolling child care providers. Currently 90% of licensed child care centers, 63% of licensed family child care homes, and 12% of unlicensed registered child care ministry programs have enrolled. Purdue University conducted evaluation research between 2008-2011, providing support for the validity of the rating system and documenting the benefits and challenges for providers, children, and families.

Professional Development System

The Alaska System for Early Education Development, or SEED, is Alaska's early childhood professional development system. Based at threadSEED is a collaborative of Head Start, the Tribal Childcare Association, State of Alaska Departments of Education and Early Development, Health and Social Services, Labor, thread, and other nonprofit agencies in Alaska. SEED integrates and recognizies the needs of a diverse workforce, which includes early care a