Standards & Standards Alignment

Standards & Standards Alignment

Inclusive Classroom Profile

In response to a lack of available, validated instruments designed specifically to measure the quality of classroom support provided for children with disabilities in inclusive settings, the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP), a structured observation rating scale, was designed to assess the quality of inclusive classroom practices in pre-k programs. The development of the ICP was modeled after the ECERS-R and was informed by national research and professional recommended practices within the field of early childhood inclusion.

Practices for Promoting Young Children’s Learning in QRIS Standards


The National Center for Children in Poverty is pleased to announce the release of our latest publication, Practices for Promoting Young Children’s Learning in QRIS Standards. This brief provides an examination of the strength of supports for children’s early learning in Quality Rating Improvement System standards based on an analysis of QRIS standards in 23 states.

State Program Quality Standards about Child Assessment

This brief by the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement provides an analysis of the extent that State program quality standards include requirements or criteria pertaining to assessing children’s development. Three sets of States’ program standards were examined - state-funded preschool program requirements, quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) graduated program quality standards, and child care licensing regulations.

A Foundation for Quality Improvement Systems: State Licensing, Preschool and QRIS Program Standards

This brief by the National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement is an examination of current standards that apply to varied types of early care and education programs. It contains an overview of the types of program quality standards in States, discusses challenges faced by States in establishing a common set of standards, and describes the applicability of standards to varied programs and settings for young children.

Unlocking the Potential of QRIS: Trends and Opportunities in the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge Applications

Written by noted consultant Louise Stoney, this brief explores the ideas and trends related to QRIS that state leaders included in their Race to the Top/Early Learning Challenge applications.  It is designed to provide not only useful background information for state policymakers, funders, and nonprofit leaders, but also to stimulate discussion within the field about opportunities to advance high-quality