Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership & Professional Development

The Big Picture Planning Guide: Building Cross-Sector Professional Development Systems In Early Childhood, 3rd Ed

The Big Picture Planning Guide is designed to support a cross-sector, state-level planning process that leads to a single, integrated, professional development system, across all early childhood sectors. The planning guide provides a four-step sequence for considering the key components and contexts of a statewide early childhood professional development system. A definition and conceptual framework for professional development are included, as well as suggestions for facilitation, guiding questions, key considerations, and planning forms.

Staff Preparation, Reward, and Support: Are Quality Rating and Improvement Systems Including All of the Key Ingredients Necessary for Change?

As quality rating and improvement systems (QRISs) increasingly become the key strategy for improving the quality of early care and education, it is critical to understand and examine how such systems define quality, the benchmarks used to indicate quality, and the opportunities in place to support improvement. This report examines the extent to which QRISs support the professional development of practitioners and include in their rating rubrics key ingredients — staff qualifications, direct compensation, and the factors related to work settings –  that have been linked to quality.


A Policy Blueprint for State Early Childhood Professional Development Systems, Brief

This brief presents a policy blueprint for State early childhood professional development systems. An integrated system of professional development should unite the early childhood sectors (i.e., child care, Head Start, prekindergarten, public schools, early intervention, and special education services). Integrated policies decrease duplication of efforts and increase accountability and sustainability.