Infusing Diversity Constructs in Preservice Teacher Preparation

This article provides an overview and the results of the Crosswalks Intervention, which was developed, implemented, and evaluated to support inclusive early childhood preservice programs to be more reflective of, and responsive to, cultural and linguistic diversity. The Crosswalks Intervention, funded by the US Department of Education, was a professional development model implemented across undergraduate programs in one eastern state.

Mississippi QUALITY STARS Resources

Mississippi has a QRIS program that was first pilotted in 2006.  This statewide voluntary program, Quality Stars, includes about 30% of our licensed child care providers as of July 2012.  The Early Childhood Institute administers the program through a grant from the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Early Childhood Care and Development.  Please see our website for a full list of available resources.

Good, Better, Best; Pennsylvania's Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Guide to Best Practices

The "Good/Better/Best" document was developed from experience in managing the Keystone STARS program, analysis of current research, and insights/suggestions practitioners have shared. The "Good/Better/Best" document can assist practitioners in assessing program strengths as well as help identify next steps for improvement. Thoughtful assessment using a variety of sources of evidence can lead to the development of a meaningful continuous quality improvement (CQI) plan.